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General philosophy links
  Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  Philosophy Now – free articles
  Philosophy Now – links to more links
  Daily Nous
  American Philosophical Association
Philosophy blogs and podcasts
  Hi-Phi Nation
  History of Philosophy without Any Gaps
  The Partially Examined Life
  Philosophy Bites
  Philosophy Tube
  Very Bad Wizards
  Wireless Philosophy
About philosophical argument, rhetoric, logic, logical fallacies, etc.
Our discussions are fairly informal, but some of the info below may be helpful in thinking about how to formulate ideas and arguments.
  Prof. Daniel Dennett’s “Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently”
  “Socratic Method” (Wikipedia)
  “Introduction to Logic” (Lander Univ.)
  “Logical Fallacies” (Wikipedia)
  “Rhetoric” (Purdue Univ.)
  “Establishing Arguments” (Purdue Univ.)
  “How to Argue Like a Philosopher” (
About philosophy discussion groups
There are philosophy reading and discussion groups all over the world, and each one is a little different. Below are some links to history and variations on the concept.
Great books reading groups
  Although the Philosophy Café in Rochester is not specifically a “great books” group, it does follow a similar idea.
    “Book discussion clubs” (Wikipedia)
    Philosophy Café – Houston
    Great Books Foundation
Café philosophique
  The rise of philosophy cafés in Europe and elsewhere may have originated with the “café philosophique” movement in Paris.
    “Café philosophique” (Wikipedia)
    “Cafes Offer Philosophy in France” (NY Times)
    “What are Philosophy Cafés?” (PDF) (Philosophy Café – Kingston, UK)
Other variations
    “Philosophy for All” (Wikipedia)
    Philosophy for All – London
    “Pub Philosophy” (Wikipedia)
    “Socrates Cafe” (Wikipedia)